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About Us

Takaful is a fully owned subsidiary of Group, headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is the Group's global hub for innovative Takaful services. Under Family Takaful, Takaful makes available programmes for life and health protection, savings, retirement, child education and capital guarantee plans. Takaful General offers a wide range of Takaful non-life products such motor, household and corporate insurance.

The Company taps into the strengths of its Global Group to provide the most innovative solutions for clients. Takaful works with a vision to become the most trusted provider of Islamic Financial Solutions which are highly recommended by customers and investors. In order to ensure this, Takaful has established its own Shariah Supervisory Board (with renowned Shariah Scholars Shaikh Nidham Yacouby as Chairman and Shaikh Ossama Bahr as member), to vet on all aspects of the company's products and operations. The Shariah Board is shared with Global Investors which, among others, provide Islamic Funds for the Takaful company.

Also, Takaful ties in other Group companies such as Nextcare, a third party administrator, and Euler Hermes, the Groups´┐Ż Credit insurer. This enables the Company in Bahrain to offer a comprehensive set of services and product offerings to meet its client's needs.